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What Retiree’s Need To Know About Creating An Income You Cannot Outlive!

Help Eliminate The Confusion and Uncertainty Around Retirement Planning... And Gain Greater Confidence.

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In the Retirement Planning Course You Will Learn:

A time-tested, step-by-step process for working toward an income plan you cannot outlive.

Strategies to help ensure your income & purchasing power keep pace with inflation throughout your retirement.

Strategies to increase your interest earnings in retirement, without compounding the risk inside your portfolio.

Strategies to determine how much income you’ll need in retirement and where it will come from.

Strategies to squeeze more income from your social security benefits.

Strategies to maintain control of your assets, and keep your hard-earned savings in your pocket, and out of Uncle Sam’s.

Course Breakdown

3 Videos that will help you get the most out of your Retirement Planning

Video 1

Your Retirement Income Maximization Program

Video 2

Overcoming Income Planning Myths
Video 3
Income Maximization Case Studies

About the Advisor

Joe Casey, RFC

Co-Founder / Chief Financial Consultant

Joe Casey is founder and president of Casey Wealth Consultants. Joe’s investment discipline is to help his clients protect their assets, take income and grow their nest egg in the most efficient way. Joe’s areas of focus include: Retirement Income Strategies for lifetime paychecks, Social Security Optimization to help clients get the most monthly benefits, Wealth Preservation to protect what clients have spent a lifetime accumulating, Comprehensive Wealth Management that is designed for low volatility avoiding the major shifts in the market, Tax Planning Strategies that reduce and/or eliminate taxes, Health Planning Strategies that helps protect assets from a Long Term Care event, and Legacy Planning Strategies to efficiently transfer assets to the next generation. Joe and his team have helped hundreds of individuals retire using fundamental principles through The Fast Track Retirement Process.

After earning his theology degree from Valor Christian College, Joe went on to complete post-graduate work at Kaplan University where he earned a business degree. He is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants which required coursework in a broad range of financial subjects. He is a licensed Insurance Professional and Investment Advisor Representative.

Away from work, Joe is an active member of his local church and assists in many community outreach programs. In 2002, Joe married the love of his life Candice Casey and together they have two sons Will and Ben Casey. Joe & Candice work alongside each other providing the perfect husband and wife team. With their combined experience and varied skills, Joe and Candice Casey form a versatile team capable of providing the personalized, comprehensive, services retirees and pre-retirees need in order to achieve financial independence.

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